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and that's where the uncle of the suspects in the city's marathon bombing says they've shamed the entire chechen ethnicity the city's been at a standstill since early morning as police comb the streets for one of two men suspected of the marathon bombings they've been identified as nineteen year old dzhokhar serve my of who remains at large is brother twenty six year old tamar lance of ny have was killed after a police car chase the family originates from the north caucuses and settled in the united states more than a decade ago this is what's happening now on the streets of boston let's take a look at the latest pictures as thousands of officers painstakingly search the city door by door live pictures there let's go live to to our correspondents report now in washington marina either tell us what more we know about the suspects the ceiling. good evening to you well what we know so far much of the information we have is what both suspects have posted online over the past weeks months possibly
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even years we do know that. was twenty six years old as you mentioned and he was aspiring to be on the u.s. olympic boxing team he was training in boxing but he couldn't even apply to be on the team because he did not have u.s. citizenship despite the fact that he and his brother joe hart's and i are in the family immigrated to the u.s. at least a decade ago now it is also been clear online from their postings. and . both were posting very provocative things online through their various social media accounts many links to some would say islamic radicalism it was in one of the year their you tube account stars youtube account he posted links of fighters in syria the rebels in syria both of the brothers also indicated that there are very loyal to the islamic beliefs and religion but there's
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much more that of course police and federal officials are are trying to sift through the scenes in boston are scenes. most of americans have never witnessed before you have federal officials there you have members of the f.b.i. the a.t.f. the national guard state police local police all residents in that area and boston and the surrounding neighborhoods have been told to stay indoors not to go outside but just a few hours ago it was the uncle of the suspects. sarnie who came outside to address the media and called on joe hart to turn himself in take a listen to what their own call had to say. his. and. they take him to a. minimum how do you what you will about the united states of beginning to rid of
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it indeed they received a settlement were they going to go with a working yes they they live with them never been interested to there's nothing to do is judge they were different to turn their peaceful people people to shame on to a chechen ethnicity. because everyone now names they play with words. so they put the chain on and tell you at least city that's what i would think turn yourself in and what i have and what it will want i mean the discretion of those who you. know what is not clear so far is why. joe har and their entire family was given asylum as their uncle indicated in what we just heard why they were given asylum to the united states that's something that hasn't been disclosed just yet r.t. was able to get in touch with the secretary of the school that joe hart suspect
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number two attended shortly before immigrating to the united states here's what she told us. he rolled in the first grade and of turning just a year he left our school his family's from kurdistan there were four children in the family two sisters and two brothers in two thousand one hundred the school and in two thousand and two they left for the u.s. to. now joe hart if the numbers are correct in terms of when they left johor would have been somewhere around nine years old eight years old that suspect number two still on the run when he came to the u.s. essentially growing up as american that american can be. would have been somewhere around fourteen to sixteen years old so that is causing many to believe that this is
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a case of domestic terrorism because these two suspects essentially grew up in america had american roots spoke the language understood understood the culture we should know that those that knew joe hart have been coming to various social media outlets and describing him as a star athlete a scholar in school very normal and kind person but this young man nineteen years old is the suspect that is still on the run that essentially is now caused for the boston for boston and the surrounding area of boston all the suburbs to be on lockdown an unprecedented look it's been cold how is it to continue to have. been told to. keep the doors locked unless there is a police officer maybe comes to the door and they can verify your identification it's still there. that's correct in addition to that information and
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what state police. have said is that in the next few hours there will be a controlled death demolition of a home in cambridge it is presumed that that home will be that home is the home that joe hart was living in that home has been surrounded for many many many hours and according to state police there will be a controlled demolition of that home when. was on the run according to police after his. older brother was killed in a shootout. on the run by in the in the dark. and why police are asking everyone in boston and the surrounding areas to stay indoors do not open their doors. unless it is a police official. quite a scary scene unfolding we will of course be on top of this story and updating it
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hour by hour of course many thanks for going to. in new york after the identities of the suspects were revealed chechen leader ramzan kadyrov said the suspects had no links to chechnya. we don't know anything about the brothers they never lived in chechnya the media is reporting that they grew up and went to school in america so the problem is with their upbringing there we regret that this deadly tragedy took place as we know better than anybody about these things and we offer our condolences. to me as a political analyst for the voice of russia radio station he told us the ethnic origin of the suspects has been given too much attention. russian government does want a lot about the kind of refugees of all the kind of immigrants that the united states and west european countries are ready to accept and a lot of them did not change their condition their convictions
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a lot of them are still diehard decent mists and i can easily imagine that a lot of them conceived both russia and the united states part of the same decadent western civilization this situation that they can the way to their jihad not necessarily in a place like syria or iraq but also in the united states happened to be in many countries there are people who got our siloam in the west that later turned against their hosts and against their benefactors you know if you expect any kind of great you with any kind of thankful thinking from these people you are dead wrong. most of the jihad. in their convictions they think that they have the right to you know to a certain their convictions so they have the right to commit violent acts if only they feed their course and their cause is the creation of the system are mixed eight. well maybe it would be an excellent stage in north caucasus it could be
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a universal islamic caliphate but there's their thinking and i'm afraid in boston we were dealing with exactly that kind of thinking if you read their american press you can see a lot of simplistic thinking about the so-called church or an uprising and the islamist groups are in the north caucasus and the american used to say that russia was to blame for all of these terrorist activities but i don't agree with that i think that russia was actually fighting a real internationally salamis threat in north caucasus at least during the circled world during the second chechen war and all of the asli the system is to keep it in north caucasus it's not only a threat to russia it's also worth a. until then had the status of the road to europe but somehow western countries just through it refused to recognize it to be true burbage they watch our continuing coverage of what's going on in boston do you keep abreast of it as well on our website r t the common. minute by minute updates the latest breaking
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headline we've got the police reporting seventy sixty seventy percent of the water turn suburb of boston has been covered the same but the suspect still branded the moment the search goes on much is no appearing about the bomb suspects backgrounds then to discuss their links to the caucasus has talked to neil clark he's been following developments in boston hi neil do you think the suspects but grown is suspicious enough in inverted commas to have drawn the attention of security forces before i think it is and i think you know if we can see all the time this is america on holiday or on business you know we have to force on the plane about what we're going to do that whether we're part of any criminal organizations whether we've been convicted of war crimes it's very hard to get into the u.s. as a tourist it seems to be much easier to go in but by asylum i mean is it because they're living a double life and on the face of it everything was peaceful calm there. or is it just that the security forces the police friends family that maybe should have
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alerted them to this overlooked it well it could be because of the chechen background me because i see as your previous corresponded was saying that the way the culture betrayed in the sort of western media american media as being russians i mean the bad guys so that if anybody is coming in chechnya they're going to be more anti russian and you beric that so perhaps the checks were made on that basis i had to have you know that was these people have a chechen background if they were to take it when it's the russian targets not american targets so that could be the case we don't know yet of course of course hundreds if not thousands of people are checked every day in america for deemed suspicious activities as you say what why do you think how do you think they got through the net let's poked around just a little bit more. well it's very hard to say really is obviously there's been a big mistake made here i mean i've heard today whether it's concerned or not but one of the people concerned with the brother was actually shot dead by the police and actually posted on you tube various comments about radical islam. is linked to various sites and we know that monitoring of these sort of web sites does go on in
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the u.s. by internal security and so it does seem sort of a nice of them not picked up on this if the reports are true that he actually has been on online making these statements about terrorist attacks and how he was planning to commit if they are confirmed then obviously this would point of being quite quite a great security and the chechen tracie interest to grow that little bit what are your thoughts about that or this is suspect to check should trace have been conflicting comments and conflicting thoughts about that from the various gas we've got of this afternoon well it's very it's very very. dogmatic about this the situation is that they have spent time that we really don't know what actually way told there whether they were radicalized by what went on and where they were affected by what we talked to but if they were then you know why would they be attacking american targets because as i said earlier you know you'd expect them to be checking russian talks and of course russian viewers know about the various chechen attacks on russia itself the one on the moscow metro the terrible events in beslan and so that would be quite surprising. we going to see any closer
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collaboration i do think between russia and the u.s. in battling international terrorism after this you would well i would hope so but the trouble is the american approach kevin has been so inconsistent i mean the americans lost the invasion of afghani stop the focus of fighting islamic terror and the links to al qaeda etc the taliban i've done that for over ten years now at the same time they're also undermining governments like they want to libya which were the who are against al-qaeda in north africa and of course in syria we see that they're actually do all they can to overthrow the government of president assad which is fighting his own islamic terror so they do maracana for very inconsistent it's actually. supporting islamic terror groups in some countries and oppose them in others and so if they really want to get rich is that will be more consistent really. how do you expect the us to adapt to the security screening now after this you think will be any change well of course but yes. reactions but i think the basic problem is we are so high to law school this is the first
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terrorists are americans already since two thousand and one wall street in terrible but you know gun crime is that they go over to the united states we have so many of these sort of going postal shit shootouts killings in schools etc so gun crime is the biggest problem facing america the quad point and you know how we're going to do with that should should be debate question really neal thanks for the journalist no clark on the line there thanks to ok let's bring up to date no twenty one fifty moscow time of summary of what we know is happening in the boston manhunt so far today the bombing suspects have been named as twenty six year old tom. and his nineteen year old brother dzhokhar they're believed to be from russia's north caucasus region before the family moved to the united states back in two thousand and two and still one of the suspects spent half a year in russia recently their uncle has denied links to chechen terrorism the elder of the two brothers was killed earlier today in a shootout with police right now an intense manhunt underway continues throughout
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the boston area for the surviving suspect with much the city's streets all but deserted for several hours f.b.i. agents and members the national guard are involved in a large scale manhunt there along with hundreds of police who are conducting door to door searches it supported that explosives were found at one location where the two men were initially traced to along with a pressure cooker similar to the type of the one that was used in the marathon bombing residents who want to stay indoors not to let anyone into their homes unless they can verify them as a police officer we're also hearing as well that here on today their uncle went on television to urge the remaining suspect the nineteen year old to turn himself in. he's the latest pictures we're getting right now as that one continues the city on lockdown as a safe frightening time for the people there. the u.s. state department says it's still too early to point to any chechen trace in the boston bombings but russian expert martin mccauley u.s. spoke to bed earlier says anti muslim reactions are inevitable.
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very little known in the united states and the americans now are so conscious of crime you have attacks in schools and so on everywhere and you can homeland security and so on and everybody you know is very very concerned about security so therefore if a suspect subtype some type of malfeasance in the past that would be brought up that would be seen as by the americans is relevant to the north caucuses is a problem not only for russia but for the rest of the world because the americans are aware that. he had left the north caucasus to fight in syria against the partial assad regime and so on and fighting there. and fighting on the side and so on this bombing will in fact intensify the concern about security and the fact that everyone should be looking over their shoulder if they are linked in fact true
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islam islam is group then they are undermining americans feel confidence that with the whole idea of bombing the the boston marathon that from now on if you go to a basketball game or you go to. a baseball game or something like that you're looking over your shoulder to see there's a maybe a bomb there if they are jihadists then they have in fact secured quite a victory. so boston suburbs are in lockdown right now with people told to stay indoors possesses a closed flights have been grounded classes have been canceled universities and schools in the area are to contributor afshin rattansi in london says the u.s. homeland security department is in disarray and it's incapable of stopping attacks like the marathon bombings. the whole idea of terrorism now in the world is asymmetric warfare and as your correspondents have talked about the whole of boston looking like gotham city waiting for batman one thing these terror acts will definitely do will help the security apparatus of central government was
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a complete and utter failure perhaps there will always be a necessary failure because as the security analysts are fond of saying it only takes them to be right once and the. and the homeland security people they have to be right every single time this is not the way you combat terrorism or militancy the way to combat it is through other measures and this idea of this ridiculous homeland security department coordinating arm and security this will never stop attacks like this the way to stop attacks like this is something entirely different if it is a political act this boston marathon bomb they've got to start looking at foreign policy and if indeed they were brought up or these their families were brought up in the cauldrons of political strife in the north caucasus during the late one nine hundred ninety s. . america better start talking to russia or about anti terror counter terror ideas you know i mean the united states it's that entire media of islamophobia these
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things will catalyze it and no man security to go up and. take a look at some other news story is not a very in some politicians in the u.s. congress to see this week's tragic events as an opportunity to step up their drive to control the internet this bill would allow user data to be shared with government agencies getting around privacy laws it's made it through the senate but president obama still thought to be wary of signing it off producer andrew blake told me more. aides for the white house actually said that we will recommend the president veto this legislation for sharing and protection act it's come under a lot of criticism by its opponents because they say that it does more than what the authors say it does now the authors of cispa they say that this bill will lead to businesses private companies google facebook and many internet provider these companies will be encouraged to share information with the federal government that
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will be used to track down and monitor and curb cyber attacks aimed at the united states computer critics say that it puts too much of americans privacy at risk and that the right safeguards are there people would be separate facing their privacy for a little bit of security when the bill was introduced back in february i believe one of the areas for the second time representative or one of the authors of the bill he said you know we can't have another nine eleven we can't have another terrorist attack it but if we do we will pass any law that needs to happen sure enough just another congressman actually got up and said well look what happened in boston these were bombs sure they weren't digital bombs but the next ones will be digital bombs so we need to come together for the sake of national security and do something and that's exactly why a lot of people have problems with this bill because the people who are touting it the people who are writing it are people that don't really understand the cyber security concerns and there's a lot of concern over who is coming up with this bill who is supporting it and what they actually know about cyber security. incident this morning saying that you know
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boston would be reason enough to pass a cyber security bill is laughable to many people. to. stay with them or the world's latest breaking news open back in a couple of minutes. world . science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of covered.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. hello again there is further simmering unrest in bahrain ahead of the weekend's formula one grand prix with protesters furious that the government plans to host that elite sports event despite the country's board human rights record there's already been some violence with activists hurling petrol bombs at riot police who responded with tear gas the demonstrators accuse formula one of ignoring rights abuses the security forces clamp down in the lead up to the ground pre race
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organizers insist that the protests do not pose any threat to the event while he one rights watch slammed them for quote risking holding their race against the repression it has provoked. and the man at the forefront of the pro-democracy movement in bahrain remains behind bars meantime now below roger observing a two year prison term for his alleged role in the february twentieth levon uprising he was jailed last year after criticizing the government and the monarchy in messages posted on twitter a court ruled that his comments were an attempt to incite a revolution through mass unrest is jail terms later reduced from three years to two but the verdict sparked an international outcry shortly before his arrest rajiv met with the world's best known whistleblower julian assange and artie's polly boy reports on that encounter it's not long before his imprisonment. ranes most famous human rights campaigner was in london talking to another prominent activist and
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whistleblower julian a sauna so we came here to london's ecuadorian embassy which the wiki leaks founder has been calling home for some ten months now in order to have a chat about the man at the forefront of bahrain's pro-democracy struggle i began by asking the fans why he was so keen to invite me to be over job for an interview on his exclusive show. nine hundred thousand people. has one hundred fifty thousand twitter followers comprised predominantly. the population of. sincere arrests of a number of other activists and for a new spring two thousand. job. came to present to the brain said human rights was the most prominent voice for the. speaking to julian assange over job was unequivocal about his determination to fight for democracy in bahrain if you have
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a goal and if you believe. you will come. to difficulties and you know the. changes that you are fighting for it's been good for hundreds of years is not an easy thing to change. those changes you have to be willing to pay a price and my that price might be your life for a newbie over a job that price has become is freedom three months after about interview was that he was sentenced to three years behind bars but according to a staunch keeping him in prison on the current charges is going to be increasingly difficult for the bahraini government. cartoonish form to where he's been sentenced to three years president for a number of tweets. to. bureaucrats and authorities think the prime minister and so on as well as organizing protests he even when he was imprisoned
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briefly released he did not resign only to the same standard for criticizing the authority it's hard for the people with that much courage who can. become to be cowed and so i think is long term prospects the court could amnesty international have labeled him a prisoner of conscience but unless the international community wakes up to abuses in bahrain there's little hail that may be over john's going to be tasting freedom any time soon playboy see london's ecuadorian embassy. bar ends in june over two years of standoff between the sunni authorities and the opposition was once a transit towards democracy and the equality for the majority shia population the marquis those still insists is not discriminating against its own people but human rights groups say that doesn't tally with the unrest is being curbed take
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a look closer look into some of the figures put out by amnesty international you can see if yourself since twenty eleven clashes between authorities and demonstrators the same seventy two people killed on both sides the number of arrests made last year of those participating in rallies topped one thousand adding to that at least eighty youngsters under eighteen a big held in adult prisons the notorious for the torture interrogations yet the government's efforts are good towards improving its own image indeed it recently spent over thirty two million dollars on public relations firms one man who worked closely with nabby already when he headed the bahrain center for human rights says that being an activist in bahrain is a dangerous business but roger followers nonetheless are ready. now he's in jail and this is if he is still going up to you but i still wish you and behave and sending messages to the one hundred people to get the vote out but i don't have i'm following him and they cannot dish out his silence to be able to buy i just think if they don't let me hear what i'm going to give even if they were yes maybe but i
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think it's kind of the you know what i think give us would come in to speak out i don't know we have six or. six activists behind bottom one of them getting so i think of what i mean by it coming to them what i think of this in the end behave mistook an easy job you need to get their ship but it unite behind and i'm going to . even two years ago for example to get he had actually been here were you know at that not to go about the human rights situation in bahrain and then he was it us that don't you have to do i did good because it could take you to death body. heat fueling flames upon the breast and activist pole position gridlocked snowblowers asians was involved with the right to be seen to be credible. when there bureaus are basically a formula for controversy burning rubber on the streets of bahrain checkered flag ship weekend on our team. when they come but for.


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